Naturally Elegant Designs works with brands Worldwide and does accept products and clothing to review, sponsored and unsponsored, however, I do have a policy in place and certain guidelines, just to keep things crystal clear between us and so both parties are happy.

  • Just because you have chosen to send me a product, it does not mean I am obliged to post about it, especially if I have no knowledge of it being posted out at all. Naturally Elegant Designs receives a lot of products a month, some of which I don’t even have knowledge of them being sent.
  • Products featured on this blog are PR Samples or ‘Gifted’ items unless otherwise indicated. I am always completely honest in my reviews and everything will always be 100% my opinion.
  • Reviews will always be written from my personal experience of the product and companies may suggest terminology or language for the review if it is a sponsored post, but I do not have to use it as I will always have creative control.
  • Every item will be clearly marked, this is how I run my website and I am completely transparent with my readers.
  • If I do not like a product, have a reaction or if it isn’t fit for my personal use and do not see it making good content, even as a negative review, I can and will choose to not feature it at all.
  • Depending on the product, I do charge for reviews, prices will vary.
  • I do run giveaways but I only give items away that I have personally used myself and can fully recommend. Exclusions apply.
  • If a product/item is sent to me and it is not fit for use, I cannot promise it will be returned. I will not be responsible for shipping costs, but you may send a courier to pick the item up.
  • This website contains automated affiliate links, I will not remove them from a post unless agreed upon before writing.
  • This website contains adverts from various platforms, if you click them and/or purchase from them, I do receive a small amount of money.

For questions or anything else, please feel free to get in touch at: [email protected]

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